What are Add-ons?

There a large number of different features we can add to a website to help make it better for you and your customers, these include: Social Media sharing, Blog, Automatic blog sharing, additional contact forms, email newsletter subscriptions, Social Media plugins and many more.

We’ll help you work out which ones are necessary or not, depending on your business.

Do you have any Payment Plans?

Yes we do! Many of our clients take advantage of this service. We require 20% up front and then you can spread your payments over 10 months. If you’d like to discuss an alternative arrangement, we’re pretty easy going so just ask!

When will my project go live?

Once you have signed off your project and we have received your completed standing order forms for any payment plans and hosting, you are good to go! The only thing to consider is, we don’t launch websites on a Friday, just in case their are any changes that need to take place last minut

Are these the only plans?

We built these plans with a view to serving the vast majority of our customers. If you don’t see what you need here, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in greater detail eithe ron the phone or over a nice cuppa!

What is you cancellation policy?

We’d be very sad if you decided to leave us, but if you did decide to go elsewhere, we have a handling fee of £60 so we can support the transition to your new provider. All done with dignity and grace, and perhaps some tears 🙁