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How we approach SEO

Eastworks is a Norwich SEO company that has grown from a small start-up to an exciting digital agency helping change businesses all around the region. Today we service companies of all sizes, from small local businesses to regional favourites. We specialise in SEO as a core discipline, with everything we do aimed to support the objective of increased organic search traffic.

SEO has moved on significantly in recent years. Many older techniques are now out-dated – and are either less effective than before, or even downright harmful.

You need a partner who understands the very latest Google changes, and focuses purely on safe, predictable tactics for traffic generation.

Our goal is simple; we want to help you to grow your business in a sustainable, “Google-safe” manner. To this end, we utilise a suite of strategies all designed to help increase qualified traffic to your website. The end result is measurable growth for your business through increased leads or customers.

We’re so confident in our results that we’re happy to offer a no-obligation SEO audit of your current website. We’ll investigate suitable keywords, we’ll dig into what is working for your competitors and provide a detailed route-map to take your site to the next level. Why not get in contact today?

What to expect

SEO is rather like driving a car. It isn’t enough to merely understand the techniques involved; instead you need to apply the right processes in the right situation. Nuance is really key – and that’s where Eastwork’s extensive experience (and results) come into play.

Our bespoke approach is what helps to set us apart from other web agencies.

After a detailed audit of your digital footprint we’ll be able to propose a specific plan-of-action based on your unique business, taking into account factors such the market you’re servicing, the competitive landscape and the opportunities you may not have discovered yourself.

A developed process using search engine research, analytic tools and multi-level strategies that create “credibility” for your website.

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