The Brief

Mustard Soup is a new, fresh and forward-thinking start-up charity, based in Norwich, supporting young people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and their families & friends with the aim of educating and promoting a better understanding of this chronic neurological condition.

Our Brief was to give them a fresh but simple brand that would remove them from the often stale appearance of similar charities The website had to be clean and easy to navigate and be fully mobile responsive.

Our Solution

We designed a simple brand with a logo built around the Spoon Theory which has become a measurement of energy levels amongst sufferers.

The website was built using a fully responsive framework which adapts perfectly to desktop, tablet and mobile devices allowing for a great customer experience.

We also redesigned their Social media presence for a future project.

On ongoing SEO campaign has begun for a wide keyword range.

 Bespoke Design

 Responsive Website

 Brand Creation

 Website Support

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