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Reshaping our business to improve our customer experience

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It goes without saying, having an online presence that represents your business appropriately nowadays is a prerequisite of any forward thinking business. But with all that is involved technically and creatively in creating beautiful websites and the associated marketing collateral, the costs can get pretty daunting, particularly for a cash strapped small business.

We come across clients on a weekly basis that would kill to be able to give their business an overhaul but the funds just haven’t allowed it.

So this got us thinking. We love helping our clients grow. We really do genuinely love it when we help a business move to the next level in terms of their presence online or how their brand comes accross to their clients and prospects.  But how could we help those businesses that have previously not been able to afford our services and at the same time not put our company in jeopardy?

Our first big influence was the book ReWork by the founders of 37 Signals, the hugely successful company behind the great online project management platform we previously used, called Basecamp.

We took a step back and looked at our offerings right across the board, from the software we used, to the systems and processes we had in place with a view to cutting our costs at every opportunity so we were able to pass these savings over to our customers.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Firstly we got rid of our offices. They were great and our clients did seem to enjoy coming to visit us, but with the digital services we provide and our ability to communicate from literally anywhere with an internet connection, they weren’t a must. We asked a few of our clients what they thought and they didn’t care in the slightest. So we cancelled our tenancy and set-up our home offices. We have many options for meeting spaces in town, and happily use them when necessary.

Then we audited our technology. We had loads of different software packages doing this and that, some of which we still have today, but quite a few were either changed to more cost effective versions or cancelled.

Lastly, we looked at some of the lengthy processes we had in place. Were they genuinely helping or hindering our delivery timescales? Could we streamline them? The answer was an emphatic ‘Yes’.

We continue to look at ways of innovating, but never at the cost of our customer experience.

Ryan Nesbitt

Ryan Nesbitt

Founder of Eastworks and lover of all things Business, Design, Tech & Sport. Ryan can usually be found working with Eastworks clients, out on his bike, or at the side of a sports-field being Dad.