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How we approach wordpress website speed

Website speed is essential to achieving a great conversion rate, resulting in your business growing.

Over half of your traffic will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, regardless of how great your product or service is, this is put into perspective with the average website taking 22 seconds to load on mobile…

For years, Eastworks has been pioneering in creating super fast, sub second loading websites ensuring great websites are seen by the masses, improving the customer experience and ultimately creating a better revenue stream for our clients.

What to expect

All of our hosting clients receive a professional speed audit conducted by our developers, which then optimise clients websites using our proven and tested system.

All websites have their images optimised, code reduced and everything necessary to result in a website loading extremely quickly.

We use industry leading technologies which we distribute to our clients, such as high quality image compression and world class minification.

We use high quality, carefully selected servers to enable a high speed website hosting solution for all businesses, with a guarentee in place – You don’t pay for hosting until we improve your website load speed. 

We can’t be fairer to that, challenge us with your website today and see how quick we can make it.

We take website speed very seriously. Why not test us?

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