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Let’s be frank, all of the activity your company does in terms of marketing is to make your company stand out from your competitors. So why would you treat your website and brand any differently?

Really outstanding web design and branding is critical to convincing visitors to take the next step and trust you with their details.

The Value of Great Web Design

Your company website is usually one the first places prospects go to get more information about who you are and what you do. It’s important for your website to be compelling, easy to navigate and well representative of your company.

You don’t have a second chance at a first impression

Before any of us buy a product or service online, we typically research the company we are interested in and compare it to another providing a similar service.

Studies by Cambridge University found that over 75% of users admit to making credibility and purchasing decisions online based on the quality of a companies website design and branding.

It is vital as a businesses owner, that you understand the small window you have to impress a visitor before they form an opinion about your company. Your website design needs to be compelling and easy to navigate so that they want to stay and browse. Other wise, you can rest assured that one of your competitors is offering that, and they will inevitably generate more enquiries.

User experience is extremely important

Prospects want their journey on your website to be seamless, with easy navigation so they are able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. If they get frustrated, it’s easy for them to switch to a competitor’s website where they may well have a better experience.

It’s so important that your website design is focused on the customer first, even for B2B companies. Develop buyer personas and determine what your audience is coming to your website to do. Refer to your Google Analytics to see what the most popular pages are and what people want to know. If your website puts the most relevant pages front and centre, then your customers and visitors will be satisfied and more likely to return to your site.


The new ABD website. A significant improvement in user-experience

Avoid cookie-cutter web design

Anyone can buy a website theme and add their logo and colours to it to make it their own. But the downside to this approach is that your website looks like thousands of other websites—there is no distinction. And there are a lot of hidden limitations with how your website can function that theme developers won’t tell you.

By having a professionally designed website, your company will stand out from the competition. Plus, you can design to have advanced, unique functionality and have the website built to your exact design specifications. You can have the website look and feel exactly how you want; therefore better representing your brand because everything from your logo to content will be well thought out and consistent across all channels.

Content is king, but design is magnetic

While creating remarkable website content is critical, humans are visual creatures and 90% of information transmitted the brain is visual. Therefore, design matters when it comes to your website. With a custom website, you have the ability to create unique graphics that stand out and support and enhance your content. However, this can be very limited if your company uses a theme.

Design impacts lead generation

In order to convert website visitors into leads, you need well-designed premium content and compelling calls-to-action. By having a custom designed website, your web design can match your calls-to-action to your content so it’s consistent and relevant. Further, your designer can create landing pages for your premium content that match your website to make it a seamless user experience for your audience. This can be hard to do if you go the theme route.

Quality web design is becoming more and more important as your audience and prospects continue to look to the web for information. When your website might be the first interaction a prospect has with your company, it’s essential that your website represents your company well and leads your prospects down the sales funnel with well thought out content, navigation and calls-to-action.

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